International Orders
Try Dry Cough (UK) and Deathwish EU/Throatruiner first! Order at your own risk. Any order made outside of the U.S. could likely be lost by the carrier service along the way to it's destination. I would like to point out that this is the fault of the carrier service that is delivering the order and that this is not my fault therefore I unfortuetly cannot help you if your package winds up dissapearing.
When this happens it totally sucks, I know. The most i can do is check the tracking number that we both have access to.
Good luck!

If you would like to add insurance to your shipment just leave me a note at checkout requesting such.
Once I am ready to ship your order I will let you know how much more shipping cost will be with added insurance.
Once I recieve that amount from you (via paypal) I will then pack and ship your order with the added insurance.

Damaged Items
Any orders received that are damaged beyond useability will be refunded in full. Just send me pictures of the damaged item within one week after retrieval.

Countries that require a VAT number or IOSS account in order to recieve items through customs are risky places to order from. I am able to print and ship your order but the likelyhood of it being held in your country at customs is pretty high so please be sure to leave your phone number in case your customs department wants to contact you about your package.

Thank you